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Analytic Innovations
Analytic Innovations, LLC provides data-driven consumer marketing solutions to credit card companies, banks, retailers, manufacturers, entertainment service companies and others. Analytic Innovations works with clients to improve their marketing ROI, expand and retain their customer relationships, and increase overall profitability.
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Hanover Road
Hanover Road, LLC serves as an investment manager for major global hedge funds, assisting them with their debt portfolios and mutual funds on a deal-by-deal basis.

The Edge Group
The Edge Group, LLC is a technology consulting firm that offers companies easily integrated custom software solutions for managing sales and improving targeted customer relationships. The Edge Group’s ability to help companies achieve their goals has been forged through its experience in developing online database-driven solutions and business decision support tools that target the business problems companies face today.
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Euclid Diagnostics
Euclid Diagnostics, LLC is an innovative medical research firm that develops effective diagnostic products for the early detection of certain cancers.

Taylor Made Business Solutions
Taylor Made Business Solutions, LLC is a full-service office supply company offering fast delivery, full product lines and excellent customer service.
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